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If your equipment is broken down and you need a prompt solution that doesn’t break the bank, let Matic Hydraulics fabricate a custom-built replacement part. We can save you time and money!

Parts to fit any brand - for less


Don’t be discouraged by your equipment’s current condition. What may seem impossible can become possible with new custom parts and solutions that are engineered to last. We’ll have your repaired equipment up and running again in no time.

Complicated systems and parts are no issue for us!

- Bosses

- Pins

- Shafts

- Spacers

- Sleeves

- Flanges

Precision fabricated parts for construction equipment, highway equipment, and more.

You can make the most of your existing equipment with our full service machine shop and experienced technicians. You'll save money with fabricated new parts or part repair.

We will meet or beat any competitor's estimate!

Customized parts for you

The smart fiscal choice

Matic Hydraulics can weld up and re-machine shafts, housings, axles, bearing seats, and pedestals for you as well. Contact us today at 718-886-5470 to find out which of our many services best suit your needs. We also specialize in custom matching and line boring.

Precision welding and re-machining of worn parts